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Firework fear is very real for some pets

Our furry, feathery and leathery pets can get mildly upset or have full panic attacks during 4th of July celebrations. Here are a few tips to keep them calm.  The loud booms of fireworks and thunder can cause anxiety in our pets. Astraphobia is the fear of thunder and lightning, and dogs, cats, birds, reptiles

Chilling on the patio: How to keep those drinks cold

The Fourth of July is coming. It’s time to kickback with a cool drink. Here’s how to keep the chill in your chilled drinks. A moment of warm sun and a cool drink make for a mini vacation on the patio. We have many suggestions for what to mix up, from frozen fabulousness to marvelous

Try different BBQ styles from around the US

May is National BBQ Month, and the month when many east coasters break out their grills. The warmer weather also means that folks begin taking culinary trips, like long weekends to nearby cities or shore towns. But with the kids still in school and work ramping up for a busy quarter, a jaunt to a

Grilling Big for Labor Day

Labor Day is coming up. Those of us lucky enough to have outdoor living spaces will undoubtedly find people gathering on our patios this weekend (whether we invite them or not!). Labor Day is one of those holidays where we simply plan to grill big. What’s “grilling big?” It’s taking a simple meal for a

Change it up: Chicken Marinades from Around the World

As outdoor grilling enthusiasts, we all have our go-to marinade recipe for the best chicken in the neighborhood. Recipes for a good marinade are like gold, because they make a simple grilling event into a showplace dinner. The marinade does most of the work. After a few hours or a day of soaking, the hardest

Cinco de Mayo on the Patio

Step up your fiesta with an authentic flair Cinco de Mayo is commonly thought of as the holiday to celebrate Mexican independence, but it is actually a celebration of all things Mexican, based on the day Mexican army forces fought back French invaders in a tiny little town called Puebla de los Angeles in 1862.

5 Tips for Extending your Outdoor Living Season

The outdoor living trend is here to stay, and homeowners are enjoying their “ceiling-less” home additions well past the Labor Day weekend. 1) Outdoor Heating: Once only found in restaurant settings, outdoor heaters have come way down in price over the last few years. They come in all sizes, styles, and mounts; including table top, wall and

Tips on Working with a Larger Landscape Design Plan

‘Tis the season to be outside! Summer has officially begun, and by now you’ve probably broken out the furniture and cleaned off the patio pavers. Over the years, landscape design has come to include patios that are a true extension of the home. Cooking outside on the grill has evolved into full outdoor kitchen installations;

How Outdoor Kitchens are Changing How We Have Barbecues

Gone are the days of Dad standing lonely in the backyard as he grills chicken, burgers and dogs on a gas or charcoal grill while the party-goers swim, play volleyball or yard darts (remember those?).  Today’s barbecues are full-day events that revolve around the cook and his craft, with the food prep and grilling a

Get Your Splash On-It’s Pool Party Time!

If you have a pool, chances are you’ll either be hosting a children’s pool party birthday celebration or an adult only cocktail party, this summer season. Maybe even both. You can either send out formal invitations or invite your guests by word-of-mouth, either way, you’ll need to plan and set up your outdoor living area and pool