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Get Your Splash On-It’s Pool Party Time!

If you have a pool, chances are you’ll either be hosting a children’s pool party birthday celebration or an adult only cocktail party, this summer season. Maybe even both. You can either send out formal invitations or invite your guests by word-of-mouth, either way, you’ll need to plan and set up your outdoor living area and pool deck before your guests arrive.
Sunny or Starry? It could be a good old fashioned barbeque or an hors d’oeuvre only event, either one will certainly affect your menu planning. But remember, when planning for your barbeque or party, make sure to consider items that may be needed for the time of day your party is being held.
Sunny Day

  • Sunscreen. While most guests will protect themselves before they arrive, some will not. Children (who will most likely be jumping in and out of the pool all day) will need to reapply. Why not set up a Sunscreen Station? A small table on the pool deck with a sign and plenty of sunscreen is all that it needed.
  • Drink Stations. It’s a good idea to set up a drink station(s) near the pool deck. Summer heat brings super thirst, so by setting up a station near the pool you’ll prevent people from constantly running back and forth. Be sure you have plenty of non-breakable glasses or cups on hand.
  • Extra Swim Goggles. Some children’s eyes are very sensitive when it comes to chlorine levels. Having extra goggles on hand will allow the child who finds himself with irritated eyes to continue to enjoy the fun.
  • Extra Towels. Because children will no doubt dirty, soak, or spill food or drink on theirs. These can also be used for extra casual seating.
  • Instead of candy, try fruit! Kids of all ages will love this fruit tray idea.

Starry Night

  • Bug Out. Mosquitos love a backyard full of friends. Set up a bug repellent station so your guests don’t become the ones on the menu.
  • Lighting. You’ll need to have it most everywhere on your outdoor living space. But don’t un-do the ambiance and with floodlights. For seating areas, string lights work best. If you don’t have built in paver lights, make sure to light up paths so that guests can find their way. Luminaries aren’t limited to winter months and can be used on table tops and bar areas as well.

  • Cooking. If you are using your barbeque at night, look into a BBQ lights. The newer barbeque lights have built in timers and fans.
  • Décor. Light up the pool! Stick a glow stick into some balloons and toss them into the pool for a colorful, fun look.

Anyone can throw a great party with a little imagination and planning. No matter what the occasion, now’s the time to truly enjoy your outdoor living space, and hanging around the pool is a great way to spend any summer day!

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