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Paint the patio with colorful accessories

Pops of color bring some excitement and a personal touch to a patio.

Many times, we end up settling for the typical neutral fare offered in patio furniture. Stores and manufacturers cater to the widest audience possible, leaving us with few bold choices. Fortunately, a neutral palette is a great starting point for adding statement accessories. With more colorful choices on the market (and endless colors of spray paint), we can jazz up the patio. Here are a few ideas, from the big spends to the little ones, to get you started.

Appliances and cabinets

Adding some color to the fronts of grills is the latest in high-end outdoor cooking. Williams Sonoma’s Hestan grill has colored fronts with 12 different hues to choose from, including Citra (orange) and Sol (yellow). You may not have thought you’d be matching your pillow fabric to your grill, but now you can.

Outdoor kitchen cabinets are a great place to add some whimsy. Being outdoors is about joy and activity, family time and relaxation, and there’s more room to experiment in outdoor kitchens where guests’ and family’s expectations of kitchens aren’t so traditional. Some cool seafoam greens or sky blues may brighten your space and your day.

Hanging chairs

A comfy perch, a blanket and a book make for a lovely afternoon spent in the backyard. Hanging chairs are the perfect cozy seats for this. Instead of the typical white or tan, opt for a bright turquoise or even rainbow ombre chair. Pier 1 has Swingasan Collection chairs that fit the bill. Look for freestanding chair if you don’t have a tree branch to spare.

Side tables

Metal accessories don’t have to be plain black blobs inking the patio. Small side tables are great opportunities for pops of color. Pottery Barn has 6 different colors to choose from in their Fermob Guinguette Side Tables. The price may be a bit steep for some, but the inspiration is free. A can of spray paint can enliven any flea market find.

Small touches

Like your neutrals but still want some color on the patio? Look for small additions that have big impact. Amazon has table runners that will get your heart pumping. World Market has a set of Iron Elephant wind chimes that are full of color and whimsy. Bold fabric patterns on pillows or throw blankets, bright melamine plates and cups, or planters with pizzazz can all be used to energize a plain patio.

The secret is to go for it. Dive in and embrace bold color choices. Start out small if you’re a little color shy. Once you try it, you’ll want to add more. A perfect pop of color can pull your patio out of its neutral fate and raise your spirits, too.


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