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Patio Gift Ideas for Mom

What do you get the mom who has everything? Move outside for some unique and fun gift ideas.

Our indoor spaces receive a lot of attention. After all, we spend most of our time inside so the majority of our decorating and cleaning efforts go toward keeping the space in top shape. Many moms keep beautiful furniture, decor and art in their homes but have a plain, standard-issue space outside. Here are some ideas for gifts and arrangements to help Mom spice up the patio.

A reading nook

Mom probably has her favorite spot at home where she curls up with a good read. A comfortable chair, lighting and a table for a coffee cup are probably all part of the space. Recreate that cozy nook feeling outside. Find a chair or chair set with leg and foot support, e.g., a zero-gravity chaise lounger. Outdoor floor lamps do exist, and they are made to hover over a chair and direct reading light downward, just like their indoor counterparts. Finally a small table, big enough to hold a small plate and a mug, completes the requirements for an outdoor reading nook. Make sure to match mom’s existing patio furniture by staying within the same materials, e.g. wicker, wrought iron, wood. Add a throw blanket and a citronella candle to up the cozy factor.

Whimsical lawn art

Lawn sculpture has come a long way from those blue orbs on pedestals. Beautiful ornaments can be found at any nursery. Also, look for any juried artisan shows or flea markets that may be happening this weekend. Moms may appreciate a unique piece that was sculpted by a local artisan. Start with her favorite animal or look for a theme inside the house for inspiration. Kinetic sculptures, i.e. art that moves in the wind or by touch, are popular art pieces for the garden, e.g., an antique weather vane mounted on a stand is great for rustic tableaus. Movement can also help scare away small critters; look for a beautiful kinetic sculpture for Mom’s vegetable patch.

A nap hammock

If your mom doesn’t have a nap hammock, it’s time to remedy that. Moms are our most overworked family members and they deserve a break. A lovely, soft hammock may encourage her to take one outside. A small, one-person hammock is probably best for moms with older kids, but a bigger one may be needed for moms with smaller kids. Though we try to eke out some alone-time for mom, the little ones will still want to cuddle up sometimes. Make your best guess as to which size hammock will encourage mom to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Hammocks are most comfortable in a shady spot, so provide a matching umbrella if you don’t have the trees to provide the shade.

Moms will say they have everything if they have you. Show her she deserves to treat herself well, too. A little whim and comfort outside under the stars or sun is a gift for her that she’d probably never take for herself. Here’s to all the moms out there! Happy Mother’s Day.

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