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Turn your patio into an outdoor living room with a patio conversation set

Sitting in a quiet outdoor space is a great stress reliever. Visiting with friends on the patio can be even more relaxing. Having the right outdoor furniture helps in creating the right environment for serene experiences. A table and chairs is the typical choice for seating, but the latest trend is to create an outdoor living room with furniture groupings called patio conversation sets.

A patio table definitely serves a purpose. Dining al fresco is one of the best benefits of having a Hardscape. Although many of us are accustomed to staying at the table long after the meal is finished, it isn’t the most comfortable position to stay in for cocktails and conversation. The wide expanse of the table keeps people apart and discourages mingling. This is where a patio conversation set comes in.

Conversation sets are outdoor living room pieces that foster a comfortable atmosphere meant for visiting and lounging. These furniture sets resemble a typical indoor arrangement – chairs, a sofa and perhaps a coffee table or end tables. Like indoor furniture, these outdoor pieces invite your guests to stay and chat. The structures are usually lighter than indoor pieces with cushions that are meant to withstand the outdoor elements. Patio conversation sets are meant to be easily moved and rearranged. You can customize your set-up for each new gathering, e.g., in a square or rectangular shape for a small dinner, in rows for an outdoor movie viewing, or in a circle around a fire pit.

The visual cohesion of a patio conversation set is one of the main reasons homeowners seek out these arrangements. A matching collection of variously-shaped furniture pieces is much nicer to look at than mismatched loungers, folding chairs and table sets. Patio conversation sets aren’t any more expensive than buying these pieces separately. The price is usually comparable to a table, chair and basic umbrella package. Along with furniture stores, many garden centers have patio conversation sets available for purchase.

Place your set where you are most comfortable, perhaps near the outdoor bar, but don’t shy away from rearranging it for each event’s needs. Make sure to always provide lighting. Candles or storm lanterns on the table tops are lovely for creating an intimate atmosphere. At any time you are around fire, no matter how small, keep safety as your number one priority. Make sure any lighting is strong enough to illuminate people’s faces when they are sitting down, but remember even the slightest breezes can sometimes blow long hair or draping fabrics into open flames. And as always, use caution when children are present. Since patio conversation tables are low to the ground, children may have a tendency to knock over anything that is set upon them. Sturdy hurricane candles with covers are great to use with outdoor coffee tables.

A patio conversation set may be just what you need to get in on the trend of kicking back and relaxing outside with friends and family. Take a look at some examples and plan your Hardscape arrangement today to be ready for the warm days and nights to come.

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