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“Textorating” – decorating with letters and words

In an October 2014 survey on real estate/home decor site, user Emily Hurley conducted a poll about the trend to use words or lettering as decoration.

Ms. Hurley asked Houzz users, “What do you think about words directly on the walls as part of the decor?” Of the total 4346 votes, the majority of 2/3rds voted a solid “No. I don’t like them.” (30% voting “Yes” and the remaining 4% voting “other”).

This poll definitely had an inside-decor area of focus. But “textorating” –decorating with letters and words– doesn’t need to be confined to indoor spaces. Using signs in decor is a popular trend for outdoor rooms as well.

Signage on the patio can not only be fun but it can be helpful in a variety of different ways.


A “Welcome” sign on the front porch is a common and lovely sight. But what if people coming for a garden party skip the house door and come around back? Another welcome sign that matches your stone would surely make guests feel as at home outside as they are indoors.



Define the use of the space

Overstuffed patio furniture and lots of shade send a “Relax here!” message all by itself, but you can let guests know the feeling you want them to share in the space. Is it PEACE or SERENITY? How about FUN pretending it is your own PRIVATE BEACH?




Signs with traffic flow directions can be cute and practical. Directions to the guest POWDER ROOM would help keep down the repeat questions but also keep the grassy feet from wandering in the house. A big sign saying TOYS could designate where all the lawn games and accessories are kept (and put away).




Seasonal touches


Just like our indoor decor reflects the seasons, outdoor accessories can ring in the Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. Words can bring an added feeling to the times. For example, “HARVEST” signs bring out the crisp energy of Autumn with a paver patio of deep red and maroon bricks covered in fall colors.

Whatever your style, there are ways to incorporate the little touches that make a house a home in your outdoor rooms. Think of something that says “you” and share it with the world.

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