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Extend your Season with an Outdoor Kitchen

Fall may just be starting but, depending on your region, there could be plenty of time left to plan for outdoor activities including pumpkin painting and carving, bonfires with s’mores and hayrides with warm (or cold)  apple cider.

An outdoor kitchen is the ideal setting for your party, offering the accoutrements of your indoor kitchen with your backyard patio and the beautiful backdrop of fall as your setting.

4 Things to Consider When Designing your Outdoor Kitchen

    1. Weather conditions in your area. An outdoor kitchen needs to live, well, outdoors. With all the amenities of your kitchen in the house, that means you need to consider products built to endure moisture, debris, cold and heat. Your contractor will be able to guide you to the brands that support the outdoor kitchen application. Check out our fully-customizable line of outdoor kitchens.
    2. Air ventilation and wind direction.  Just like your indoor kitchen, the design of your outdoor version will depend on the layout of the space around it, with the added concern of wind. Carefully plan the barbecue grill, so the smoke does not blow into the sitting area. If your outdoor kitchen is in a covered area, you should consider having a ceiling fan to help to circulate the air.
    3. Lighting and overhead space. The whole point of an outdoor kitchen is to take advantage of the elements to enhance your guests’ experience. Design your outdoor kitchen for different natural light intensities as you may cook in the sunset or on a cloudy day.  Of course, there are many beautiful lighting options that can be designed into your space, so be creative and make it yours.
    4. Storage. Like any kitchen, having enough cabinet space and drawers for your cooking utensils and accessories is critical to get the most out of your outdoor kitchen. Be sure you plan for the right storage so everything you need is close at hand.

Don’t have an outdoor kitchen yet? The fall is a fantastic time to do some research on the options and speak to a Hardscaping contractor to plan your newest addition to your outdoor living space.

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