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Joacquin Watch: Landscape and Hardscape Designs that Help Deter Flood Damage

With most of the east coach experiencing some residual effects of Hurricane Joaquin, it’s only apropos to talk flood water. As the more volatile weather of fall sets in, many areas in the eastern United States start seeing more occurrences of flooding and high water. Avoid the cost and mess of having to pump water out of your basement or crawl space by adapting your landscape to redirect the excess moisture with the following solutions.

Surface Drainage

Your landscape is not only a source of curb appeal and design in your yard, if built with water runoff in mind, it can be a viable tool to reduce your flood risk. Walkways, driveways and patios can all be built using permeable pavers that are developed with a technology and support system specifically to reduce stormwater runoff and flooding in your yard.

EP Henry’s permeable interlocking concrete pavement is comprised of a layer of permeable pavers separated by joints filled with small stones. Water enters the joints between pavers and flows through an “open-graded” base, i.e. crushed stone layers with no small or fine particles. The void spaces among the crushed stones allow water infiltrate back into the soil subgrade and be stored in those voids until it can penetrate the soil below. The stones in the joints provide 100% surface permeability while the stone base effectively filters stormwater and reduces pollutants and debris that would otherwise be washed into streams and rivers.

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Sub-Surface Drainage

French drains are channeled into a landscape to prevent erosion and protect plants and lawns. Saturation spots will release water into rock columns beneath the surface
to drain into a buried collection pit, away from used yard space to decrease damage from excess water.

Dry Creek Beds


If you are looking for a more natural-feel to your stormwater management system, then a dry creek bed offers a beautiful and highly functional choice. Read our blog post about how to design and build your own dry creek bed here.

Maintain your landscape and prepare for the precipitation promised this fall and winter by implementing one of the solutions above. Your plants, grass, basement-living possessions and wallet will thank you.

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