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What are your 2016 Landscape New Year’s Resolutions?

It happens at odd times throughout the year; as you’re gearing up for spring and cleaning out flower beds, during a barbecue in the backyard, or when you’re winterizing your garden and yard. Each of these moments are times when you took stock of the condition of your landscape and make a mental note of the things you want to do “next year” to spruce it up.

Next thing you know, you’re back to spring again going through the same yard routine without having made a dent in that landscape wish list you built the past year.

For 2016, make your landscape one of your New Year’s resolutions. Prioritize getting your yard and garden into the condition you want it to be, with small steps like adding a fire pit to create a cozy gathering space or redoing your garden beds, or blow the roof off your space by adding some hardscaping like a new walkway, wall or patio. No matter how big or small you start, the important thing is to get started. Once you see the change your new addition makes in your landscape, you’ll get bit by the bug to add a little more as you can until you create that ideal outdoor living space you envisioned as you were planting new bulbs or raking fall leaves.

We’ll Help You Make your New Year’s Landscape Plans a Reality

Yes, we know. The making of a New Year’s resolution isn’t the hard part – it’s the follow through that poses the hurdle for most of us.  No matter what your 2016 goals are, work out more, eat healthier, change careers or upgrade your landscape, the easy part is setting the goal, right?  So how can you avoid getting back into the same cycle of plan and procrastinate that may have happened in the past?

  • Get started now. Procrastinate no more. We’ll help you connect with skilled, local hardscaping professionals who have experience with whatever landscape project you have in mind. There’s no fee to get started and at the very least, you’ll get the assistance of a skilled pro who can see your yard space and make some recommendations for you to consider.
  • Picture your New Landscape. Yes, we mean literally picture the options you have to create the yard you’ve always wanted. Our expansive photo gallery offers a plethora of gorgeous photos in varying yard locations and types you can use as inspiration for parts of your landscape or as a complete road map to your new outdoor living space.
  • Make your Plans. If you still need more inspiration – the EP Henry catalog offers detailed product information along with stunning photos of yards and landscapes. Download an electronic copy or order your FREE 108 page catalog today. You can use it when meeting with your hardscape contractor to gauge which of our fully-integrated products will work best to create the stunning landscape you’ve always wanted.

Make your 2016 landscape resolution a reality by taking the steps above and you’ll have the yard you’ve always wanted by spring.

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