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Garage to Garden: Turning Garage Sale Finds into Decor for your Patio

We all know that one man’s trash is another one’s treasure.  It’s that time of year again, when yard sales can be found in most any town, on most any weekend. The hunt is part of the thrill for collectors, and there is something so gratifying about finding your “missing piece”. Let’s be honest, who out there hasn’t wished at one time or another that they’ll pick up an item for 50¢, only to learn later that it’s worth a small fortune?

For others, flea market and yard sales give them the opportunity to furnish an entire room, or house, on a tight budget. For crafters and DIYer’s, it’s a great way to get resourceful material for very little cost.

Reuse, Restore, Repurpose

Repurposing is an earth-friendly and low cost way to create unique and interesting patio furniture. If you have a very large patio you need to fill, this is a great way to add “destination seating” in and around the yard.

Both Krylon and Rust-Oleum offer outdoor spray paints that come in a variety of colors and finishes that go on easily and create a lasting finish. With a little imagination and a can of spray paint, you can transform a worn and faded bistro set into a café worthy patio.

Old picture frames, furniture and lamps can all be refurbished and upcycled for use on your patio.  Old or unique picture frames are easy to find and they can often be found in large quantities or “lots”. Look for the intricately carved ones, or metal frames that will hold up to wet weather.  Frame a hanging flower basket and turn an easy to-care-for lobelia into living art.

This contemporary blue beverage station was created using an old sewing machine cabinet. Simply expand the machine hollow to accommodate a small sink. The side station folds in for easy storage when not in use. Place a bucket underneath for drainage and it’s all set for a party.

Brass chandeliers from the 70’s are updated with bright and bold colors. Because the fixture doesn’t even have to actually work, you can pick these up for a few dollars. This statement plant hanger was constructed using teacups that were also found at a yard sale. After removing the faux candles the tea cups were glued onto the base using a bead of clear, outdoor glue. A fresh coat of paint gives it a pop of color and pulls it all together. Add some soil and plants and you have a custom vertical garden.

Old folding chairs (great for extra seating) are great patio furniture finds and are instantly updated some colorful outdoor fabric. Materials needed for this project: chair, pillow stuffing, batting, fabric, scissors, staple gun.

One of the secrets to successful yard sale shopping is to have the projects you want to do in mind before you go out. List the parts so that you know what you are looking for, but keep an open mind and be flexible. In other words, don’t spend weeks on end looking for a small sink for your beverage stand, when a vintage, galvanized tub would work just as well and look cool doing it.

From patio furniture to garden accessories, your neighborhood yard sales are full of items waiting for a creative touch and a new home.

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