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“A picture is worth a thousand words…”

Everyone knows the adage, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and this is particularly true when it comes to Hardscaping Sales. To help your homeowners see the potential of their outdoor spaces and to show them the craftsman that you are – what better way is there than to show beautiful and professional photos of jobs that you have completed? Or better yet, have these jobs featured in a manufacturer’s catalog and have official “bragging rights.”

Clean Cut Interlocking Pavers, Inc. in Delaware sat down with us and talked about the process of working with EP Henry for Catalog Photography Submissions:

EP Henry: How many years have you been participating in the Catalog Photography Search?

Clean Cut: We have been participating in EP Henry’s catalog photography search for more than 10 years.

EP Henry: What is the process like for you?

Clean Cut: EP Henry makes the process very easy for the contractors. All we have to do is complete the submittal form and send it in with a photo in order for EP Henry to consider our project for the catalog. If EP Henry decides to proceed further, they let us know, then they contact the customer directly to get an authorization form signed. Once they receive the authorization form from the homeowner, we work together to schedule the photo shoot. It really could not be any easier for the contractor. 

EP Henry: What is the value you get from this process?
Clean Cut: We consider it an honor to have our projects included in the EP Henry catalog. It is a great sales tool for our salesmen to use on estimate appointments, because potential customers can immediately see the quality of our workmanship. Once the catalog has been printed, EP Henry provides us with the photos, which enables us to use the photos in our marketing materials, such as brochures and print ads.

EP Henry: How do your customers respond to the opportunity?

Clean Cut: Our customers are always very excited to learn that their project is being considered for the new catalog. If their project is chosen for a photo shoot, they usually do everything they can to make sure the area is cleaned up and ready for the photographer. Some customers like to be in the photos with their children and/or pets, and some prefer to stay behind the scenes. When the new catalog comes out, we always send a few copies to the customers to share with their friends & family. Everyone likes to brag about having their home featured in a catalog!

Here is an example of a project transformed with professional photography:

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