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Non Traditional, Traditional Décor: Square Wreaths

Did you ever wonder why we hang wreaths on our front doors?

Historians agree that it seems likely that wreaths were made popular almost 3000 years ago. It all started in Greece during the Olympic Games when small wreaths (made of laurel leaves) were used to crown the winning participants. Later, when the Games began to move to different cities, each host city would award head garlands made using branches from their local trees.

It seems logical that the transition from head ornament to wall decoration occurred when the victors hung the leafy headbands on their walls; like today’s trophy shelves. Human nature being what it is, it is not a stretch to think that they made their way onto the front door to let the whole village know who the spoils went to.

Some homeowners hang wreaths on their front doors throughout the year. Home décor styles range from contemporary to country, and many have their way back indoors as wall ornaments.

Not all wreaths are round: Wall or door wreaths come in all sizes, and these days, a wreath can
take the shape of a square or heart. While most wreaths stay true to their roots and are crafted using organic material (or faux organic material) crafters and homeowners alike are having fun with non-traditional square wreaths.

Get Your Glue Gun Ready:  Reminiscent of a prop from a Wyeth painting, this rustic square wreath can easily be created using fallen branches from your yard or the forest floor. It is recommended that you collect, cut, and layout your branches before your begin gluing. Perfect for those who like to use organic décor; decorate this wreath with faux berries and a tiny craft-store bird to complete the look.

The vibrant chartreuse of this preserved reindeer moss is the perfect backdrop for bright holiday hues. Construct your base using a recycled cardboard box, or for added dimension, try an empty paper towel rolls. Glue the moss onto your base and accent it with a coordinated fabric bow.

This earth friendly winter wreath is a trash to treasure beauty. Repurpose thrift store finds by using an old pair of skates and a broken frame. The frame can easily be painted to match any home décor. Adorn with garland, festive floral picks and a string of battery operated white lights for added glimmer.

TIP: Whether you make or purchase your wreath, if you plan on hanging it between your front door and storm door, you’ll need to measure the available depth and plan on using one that will allow the doors to close correctly.

Do you have an idea for non-traditional, traditional décor? Please share your ideas with us; we’d love to see them!

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