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Hot Trends to Make your Patio the Place to Be this Summer

When you plan your summer gatherings, you start by taking stock of your patio and other outdoor living spaces, looking for ways to ‘wow” your guests, right? Even if your patio, walkways and gardens are in great shape, you can always enhance your outdoor space to make your yard the “place to be” in your neighborhood. You love your yard, but how much better would it be to carry that little moniker around this year?

Your yard is a representative of your design style. Thankfully, outdoor living is becoming more and more popular as homeowners look for ways to increase their comfort levels all around their home. The follow hot trends are guaranteed to add that little special something to your patio and yard that will take it from “how nice” to “oh wow”!

Take a (Really Comfy) Seat

Outdoor furniture is hotter than ever this year and you can believe us when we tell you this is not your mother’s patio set. Adding extravagance to functionality is all the rage for 2014, with pieces like outdoor sectionals, outdoor recliners and matching ottomans creating as indulgent a space as could be found in any living room. When you plan for outdoor furniture, consider neutral colors for the base cushions so you can give yourself some creative license for next year’s new color trend. You’ll be able to keep up with ever changing styles for years at minimal expense.

Mix and Match

Enhance the look of your patio design with mix and matched color for accents for your outdoor furniture in the form of extra cushions, pillows or even throw blankets for cool nights and for the accessories around your outdoor patio “room”. Once you organize the furniture the way you like it, it’s time to build the empty space around and between it to add a coziness to your patio space. Both deep colors and exotic patterns are hot for accessories and accents this year. When you are fleshing out your patio design, the old rules of keeping to like colors or patterns is a thing of the past. Mix teal and dark purple with bright orange or animal prints with polka dots or stripes to make your space pop with vibrancy and life.

Some like it Wet

If you really want to take it up a notch, adding a water feature to your patio is a great way to offer a fabulous mood-maker along with an entertaining effect for kids and adults alike. Think of a small fountain or pond positioned at the edge of or even on your patio. The sound of trickling water and view of swimming fish or tumbling waterfalls will add a level of tranquility to your space and give guests even more reason to hang out. Your yard is really just an extension of your home, and with the trends for decorating and enhancing patio space taking such a bold direction this year, you have cart blanche to make your outdoor living space the “place to be” for 2014!

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