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Landscape Design 101: Types of Pavers to Complete your Yard

Whether you are undertaking a new landscape design project, or waking up an existing garden in your yard, adding pavers or walls can instantly add curb appeal well before the first flower has bloomed. Many homeowners without “green thumbs” use Hardscaping™ to bring color and texture into their front or back yards without the commitment expansive gardens require. Adding container gardens, ideal for beginners or those with limited time, are a perfect way to showcase plants and flowers and add visual interest to flat spaces.

Can You Feel It?

With a wide range of colors and finish options, the texture, pattern and size of the pavers will determine your overall aesthetic.  While brick pavers are often used in more formal designs, using patterns such as herringbone, basketweave, or running bond will give your home a distantly unique look and feel.

Textures such as Aged, Smooth, Profiled and Sandstone not only give off different style preferences, they offer practical needs, such as, will this be used near a pool where people will be walking on it without shoes? While distinctly textured pavers will add drama to your hardscape, you may want something a bit softer, for say, a pool deck.

In Outer Spaces

Consider adding a retaining wall to make better use of uneven yards. Or, divide large and one-dimensional expanses to function separately, yet open, in appearance. Cast veneer stone, a beautiful stone-like product, can be installed for a variety of application from seat walls to outdoor fireplaces and kitchens to the exterior walls of your home. By using the same cast veneer stone on your backyard features as on your home’s exterior, it will appear much grander, and complimentary pavers keep the look cohesive.

When considering a paver project, think about how the space will be used.  Is your home the neighborhood hangout or are you looking for a private retreat? Adding features like an outdoor kitchen or bar are perfect for folks who like to entertain, while a water feature can make a quiet corner a tranquil sanctuary. No matter what your intention, the paver texture and pattern you select speaks to your unique style, while adding value to your home.

Start By Gathering Ideas

Browse websites, catalogs and magazines and bookmark designs that appeal to you. Is your home traditional, contemporary or rustic? Are the tones bright or muted? With such a large selection of colors and finishes, you’re sure to find a style that compliments your décor. Work with an experienced contractor you can talk to about your preferences.  With proper planning, your outdoor space can be a beautiful expansion to your home that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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