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More than a Pretty Face: What Retaining Walls Add to Your Landscape

With the bitter cold already showing its face and the holidays fast approaching, it may seem a bit early to be “thinking spring,” but it’s never too early to consider sprucing up your outdoor landscape.  Though most people often stick to simply planting trees and shrubs, installing a retaining wall can be an interesting way to refresh your landscaping and create the ideal outdoor living space.

Retaining walls often don’t get the respect they deserve. It’s important to remember these structures are often as beautiful as they are functional. If you choose to refresh your landscape with the installation of a retaining wall, EP Henry is here to help.  With a wide range of textures and colors over durable wall system designs, we offer a number of products that can assist you in ensuring that your retaining wall design is not only effective, but aesthetically pleasing as well.

There are numerous benefits to installing a retaining wall in your backyard.

Aesthetic Home Value

Retaining walls are incredible versatile structures that can be arranged in a variety of ways, making the creative possibilities endless.  Wall systems can be arranged in inventive patterns to create raised flower beds or to create levels of interest in a sloped backyard.  By installing a retaining wall, homeowners make their landscape pop and extend their home’s beauty to the yard, often enhancing the value of the property itself.

Landscape Structure and Erosion Prevention

Wind, water, sun, and other environmental stress can cause soil to shift and plants to die.  Retaining walls prevent down slope movement and provide support in order to retain soil.  By installing a retaining wall, homeowners with sloped landscapes no longer have to be concerned about miniature landslides disrupting their backyard.  For homeowners with uneven terrain that limits their landscaping options, retaining walls can provide a flat surface for gardening and adornment.

Gain Additional Yard Space

Homeowners with steeply sloped backyards can use retaining walls to create a level, flat space to extend their usable yard area.

Create Raised Patios

Often the ground is several feet or more below where the back walk out of the home is. The solution? A raised patio supported by a retaining wall builds the patio level up to the back door.

Retaining walls are truly “more than a pretty face,” since they provide a solution to a number of problems plaguing homeowners nationwide.  There are numerous benefits-both aesthetic and functional- to installing a retaining wall in your yard.  These customizable structures can tackle tough terrain, prevent flooding, limit stormwater damage and increase property value, so there is no reason not to consider installing a retaining wall to spruce up your landscape.

Whatever your concern, EP Henry experts can assist you in creating an eye-catching landscape design that is both functional and beautiful.

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