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Cozy up with some Brunswick stew and other winter soups on the grill

Cooking outdoors doesn’t have to be a solely sunny-weather activity. Many backyard chefs enjoy grilling and cooking over an open fire all year round. One of the well-heeled secrets of winter grilling is to cook comfort foods that don’t require constant flipping. A hearty soup, stew or chili cooked in a cast-iron dutch oven over

Winter simmer pots of potpourri freshens our homes in the new year

Using herbs and spices to clean the air, disinfect rooms, improve moods and boost health has been a tradition for centuries. Scent is the sense most closely linked to memory. An unexpected whiff of a familiar aroma can whisk us back to our childhoods. The effect is immediate and at times, overwhelming. The right scents

Cold weather worth-its: Fun activities to get the family outdoors.

The cold weather is no reason to stay indoors. This season holds lots of fun adventures for all ages. Dress for success As the people of Norway say, there is no bad weather, only bad clothes. Having the right gear is the secret to enjoying the outdoors in winter. Outdoor experts REI tell us the

Dealing With a Winter Wonderland

It looks like the Northeast is going to get treated to yet another long, cold, wet winter this year. While no one can deny that the first snowfall of the season is somehow always magical, once the reality of icy sidewalks, snow covered driveways, and slippery roadways hits, some of us start to consider a

3 hot bourbon recipes to warm your winter

The recent subzero temperatures have kept us all inside. Why not make the best of it? Here are some warm, spiked drinks you may have yet to try. There’s an old tale that a shot of whiskey will warm you up. Indeed, a sip of straight bourbon or whiskey can feel like swallowing embers from

Winter grilling: roasted tomato soup and crispy cheese sandwiches

We often think of grilling out on the patio as a summertime activity, but cold weather grilling brings its own unique benefits. Try roasting some ingredients on the grill while a big sourdough loaf or a maple pecan pie warms in the oven inside. Roasted tomato soup paired with crunchy, warm sandwiches warms up the

Holiday traditions: Roasted Chestnuts

We’ve all heard the lyrics but few of us have tried actually roasting chestnuts on an open fire. It’s easier than you may think. Each family has their own traditions with strong roots, some perhaps going back generations. Introducing new rituals into the holidays can seem a bit odd at first, but when friends and

Sprout some spring: starting plants indoors

This winter weather can give us a case of cabin fever. If going out isn’t in the cards, bust that boredom by bringing a bit of the outdoors in and starting some seeds inside.   Starting up plants from seeds is the least expensive method for populating your garden. It’s also a fun longer-term project

Host an outdoor party to ring in the new year

A warm and friendly outdoor event is just the thing to ring in a happy and healthy new year. There’s still time to welcome the New Year with style. An outdoor winter party will bring family and friends together, and spending time outside on the patio is always a good idea. Here are a few

Salt and your pavers – what you need to know

Winter is here. Snow and sleet are coming. Before you scatter the de-icing salt on your Hardscape, read up on how to best care for your pavers during these cold months. The most important thing to do for Hardscape throughout the winter is to quickly clear it of as much snow as possible using gentle