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Throw a Friendsgiving feast

Friendsgiving is a usually casual Thanksgiving feast with those who you consider family. But it’s casual designation doesn’t mean no rules exist. Here’s a guide for the host and guest that will help your Friendsgiving be fabulous. Host A Friendsgiving is meant to be a fun gathering of your closest mates, but the term can

Thanksgiving desserts and decor

Don’t let Christmas recipes or decorations take over your Thanksgiving. Keep the focus on fall with these treats and tricks. We’ve all noticed it – the Christmas Creep. September 21 rolls around and the stores start selling winter holiday decor. It’s as if we jump out of the pool and into our parkas! Don’t let

Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Family and Friends

Thanksgiving dinner can be a quiet, elegant affair with only a few polite friends and genteel family, followed by a nice stroll in the park before dessert. But that’s only if you live in a greeting card. Here are some unique indoor and outdoor activities to entertain everyone from the littlest kids to teens to

Pastries on the patio – a new Thanksgiving tradition

Sometimes traditions start spontaneously, by the mere repetition of them. Other traditions are formed instantly, when a great event leaves guests wanting more. This year, make your Thanksgiving or any holiday dinner stand out by starting a “Pastries on the Patio” party that no-one will forget. As any experienced camper knows, grills and fire pits

Nature Inspired Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year? It’s time for celebrating the fall harvest, when supermarkets are busting at the seams. Canned green beans are flying off the shelves, and the aisles suddenly have car-sized boxes of bagged bread to navigate around. From basting the bird to preparing the pies, there are a lot of