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Knowing standard measurements for patio features helps with planning

Dreaming up designs for a new kitchen or patio is the fun part of the home improvement project. But spending hours with our heads in the clouds without knowing what is actually possible can set us up for disappointment. Getting familiar with some basic standard measurements can help you dream efficiently and plan accordingly. Contractors

Hardscape project timelines: What’s realistic?

Hint: once you come up with the idea, it’s never too early to contact a contractor When we decide to move forward on a major upgrade to our Hardscape, we can’t get started quickly enough. Dreams of lounging by the new pool or grilling in the outdoor kitchen are so close to becoming real that

Power on the patio

Here’s how to juice up your patio for family and friends. Patios and pool decks aren’t simply for sunbathing. Parties, family meals, work sessions, movies and more all happen out there, too. These days, outdoor electrical outlets, charging stations, wifi, sound and media devices are must-haves for many homeowners. Unfortunately, most houses were built well

DIY concrete planters for the patio

Making your own planters is easier than you think. Serene, modern, and beautiful don’t seem like words that go with “concrete,” but fine concrete mixes are the favorites of artisans across the country. You can make planters for your patio, steps and walkways for just a few dollars, some patience and a bit of creativity.

Rumble under the patio: outside earthquake damage to look for

On November 30, 2017, an earthquake shook the area of Dover, Delaware. Rumblings of the quake, which measured 4.1 on the Richter scale, were felt in a very large radius from the epicenter. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), even a “light” earthquake warrants a check of your home, landscape and patio for

Renew, refresh or replace? Paver answers for a perfect patio

Time heals all wounds, but time and Mother Nature can leave their marks on your pavers. There are handy tricks to freshen up the look of your sturdy, steady patio pavers. Many of the questions we get about pavers have to do with cleaning them. Usually a gentle rinse down with a hose will be

5 Tips to Help you Plan Your Outdoor Kitchen

It wasn’t that long ago when cooking outdoors meant that you broke out the briquettes and tossed (burned) a few burgers on the grill. While it remains true that an outdoor kitchen is still used as a place to cook out on the patio, homeowners nowadays treat their patio as an extension of their home’s livable