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3 hot bourbon recipes to warm your winter

The recent subzero temperatures have kept us all inside. Why not make the best of it? Here are some warm, spiked drinks you may have yet to try. There’s an old tale that a shot of whiskey will warm you up. Indeed, a sip of straight bourbon or whiskey can feel like swallowing embers from

Winter grilling: roasted tomato soup and crispy cheese sandwiches

We often think of grilling out on the patio as a summertime activity, but cold weather grilling brings its own unique benefits. Try roasting some ingredients on the grill while a big sourdough loaf or a maple pecan pie warms in the oven inside. Roasted tomato soup paired with crunchy, warm sandwiches warms up the

Thanksgiving desserts and decor

Don’t let Christmas recipes or decorations take over your Thanksgiving. Keep the focus on fall with these treats and tricks. We’ve all noticed it – the Christmas Creep. September 21 rolls around and the stores start selling winter holiday decor. It’s as if we jump out of the pool and into our parkas! Don’t let

Fall fondue fun on the patio

From cheesy dips to mini s’mores, a ton of delicious fondue fun awaits.  Fondue legend says the tradition started in the 1600s Switzerland. The practice grew in popularity in Switzerland in the 1800s, when the Swiss government promoted it as a nutrition strategy and a use for aged cheeses. A pot with its own heat

Apple season’s as easy as pie

Now is the time to harvest your own bushel of apples for a whole cart of fall fun. Right around now is the best time to get outdoors and go apple picking. Whether you’re lucky enough to have your apple trees in your own backyard or you have an age-old (or new!) family tradition of

Lazy days make for a slow cooker summer

Think your slow cooker is just for the cold months? Think again. Summer’s hot days have us searching for meals that don’t require a lot of oven time. Dust off the your slow cooker, because it may just be the answer you’re looking for. Slow cookers don’t emit a lot of heat into the kitchen

Get crabby! Host a crabfest on the patio

Whether you call it a crab “fest” or a crab “feast,” it’s time to crack open the crabby party gear for a summer crab celebration. Fresh seafood is one of the greatest tastes of summer. This is the time when a crabfest may be happening near you. Check local and shore-town calendars. A little travel

Try different BBQ styles from around the US

May is National BBQ Month, and the month when many east coasters break out their grills. The warmer weather also means that folks begin taking culinary trips, like long weekends to nearby cities or shore towns. But with the kids still in school and work ramping up for a busy quarter, a jaunt to a

Easter excitement on the patio

Egg hunts are the standard fun for this celebration, but there’s a lot more fun to be had outside to welcome the coming of Spring. A nice bit of sunshine and some creativity is all you need for a perfect party outside. With creative use of common accessories, foods, and some bright color choices you

Fat Tuesday Fun – quick solutions for a last minute celebration

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler – Let the good times roll! – Everyone in New Orleans Midweek dinners can be a rush for many families. Adding a celebration to a school night is a tall order. But you can let those good times roll tonight with just a few simple additions. First, if the weather