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Another way to binge on the patio: An outdoor TV

Football season and binge watching are elevated to another level when you include an outdoor TV in your patio design. A long weekend filled with snacks and an unwatched season of your favorite TV show. A Sunday with fellow fans watching the game. A movie just released for streaming. These are banner weekend plans! But

Planning a new patio? Consider installing an automatic sprinkler system

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” -Cicero, Roman orator Moving water from its source to where it is needed is an ancient craft. Aqueducts helped cities flourish in ancient times. Today, various water sprinklers help maintain the lawn’s lush look. Homeowners use everything from a simple watering can

Beyond the Flintstones: concrete pieces for the patio

Want something that’s sturdy and will stand up to all kinds of weather? Concrete furniture has come a long way since the yabba-dabba-doo days. A concrete couch may be a fun patio accessory to a die-hard Flintstone fan, but its heavy look and feel isn’t likely to start trending. Concrete furniture can be harsh. Municipalities

From dreaming it to living it: The Hardscape decision process, step-by-step

Want to transform your outdoor space but don’t know where to start? Here is a step-by-step guide for bringing your dreams into a reality. All decisions you make goes through steps. Some decisions are instant. They feel as though they went through no process at all. Other decisions (where the stakes are usually higher) require

Knowing standard measurements for patio features helps with planning

Dreaming up designs for a new kitchen or patio is the fun part of the home improvement project. But spending hours with our heads in the clouds without knowing what is actually possible can set us up for disappointment. Getting familiar with some basic standard measurements can help you dream efficiently and plan accordingly. Contractors

Patio Planning: Tips from your area expert

Planning an outdoor space begins with an idea. A fun picnic on a friend’s Hardscape or a relaxing time at a poolside bar on vacation inspires us to recreate those feelings in our own backyards. So you want an outdoor space. What’s the next step in the planning process? “We tell our customers to look

Tip-Top Patio: Declutter your outdoor rooms

Don’t forget your patios and pool decks in your decluttering efforts People are sweeping out their rooms as a home-organization trend sweeps the nation. Popular books like Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the latest book in the trend, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning by Margareta Magnusson, cover closets, bedrooms,

Roll in the fun: Serving carts for the patio

Retro is hip. Each year brings a new twist on an old trend, and it makes us all wonder why it ever fell out of favor. This year’s outdoor living trend may be the return of the serving cart. You are familiar with the serving cart or “kitchen trolley:” a two-or-three-tiered shelf unit with two

You in stone: Personalize your patio design

A new patio is a fantastic home improvement. It will likely increase the value of your property. A new Hardscape is an entirely new living space and most importantly, contributes to your overall enjoyment of being outside. Installing a Hardscape is like adding another room to your house. We don’t call them “outdoor rooms” for

Outdoor Living Inspiration: Patios

While it may seem a little early in the year to be thinking about updating your backyard, the fact is there is no better time to get the ball rolling with your landscape design plans to be sure you’re ready to meet with a local hardscaping professional by early spring. They can help you see