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Dry your garden herbs

As leaves change colors and gardens begin hibernating, harvesting and drying herbs is a time-honored tradition for the fall months We all recognize the little bundles, hung with twine from our grandmother’s shed or pot rack. In a language all their own, spices and herbs convey so much about our lives and our loves. We

Herb appeal: Add an indoor herb garden to your window sill

Fresh herbs are the flourish of flavor for any meal. Start with a few easier-to-grow herbs.   Indoor herb gardens aren’t just for the gardeners or foodies among us. Anyone can add a few pots of herbs to a lonely windowsill to instantly add form and function to the home. Some herbs are kinder to

Herb Infused Summer Drinks

Turn your weekend sit-on-the-patio time into an upscale happy hour with these surprisingly simple herb-infused cocktail ideas. Infusing isn’t confusing Infusing liquids with herbs sounds complicated but it is as easy as making tea. To “infuse” an herb means to steep its flavor into a liquid such as water or spirits. The resulting liquid can

Sprout some spring: starting plants indoors

This winter weather can give us a case of cabin fever. If going out isn’t in the cards, bust that boredom by bringing a bit of the outdoors in and starting some seeds inside.   Starting up plants from seeds is the least expensive method for populating your garden. It’s also a fun longer-term project

Tips for an Indoor Herb Garden

Just because it’s winter time doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the taste of fresh herbs. By establishing and maintaining an indoor garden you’ll encourage more creative cooking and freshen the air in your kitchen at the same time. Unless you have a greenhouse, you’ll most likely be growing your herbs on a windowsill.  Consider