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Mums the word! Mum sale plants and 2 purple fall favorites

See a mum sale? Go ahead and get the mums! Then add these 2 companion plants for drama and height in your landscape. It seems like every weekend we see school teams holding up signs to hawk colorful, fall-friendly chrysanthemums. Don’t pass them up. Mums look great in the garden and work well indoor and

Mysterious moon flowers to bloom in your night garden

Floral fragrances wafting through the warm air is one of the best parts of summer. Sunny days bring spectacular blooms and sublime scents. But what about the nighttime? Some of these light-colored, night-blooming plants emit sweet aromas to go in with your full moon cocktails or your star-gazing on lazy summer evenings on the patio.

Use the force: Shortening the season for spring and summer blooms

Avid gardeners will plant spring bulbs starting in October. The bulbs need to experience colder temperatures in order to begin the biochemical process that allows them to flower in the spring. But that doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance. Some spring plantings can be tricked and still bloom right on schedule. While it may be

Sprout some spring: starting plants indoors

This winter weather can give us a case of cabin fever. If going out isn’t in the cards, bust that boredom by bringing a bit of the outdoors in and starting some seeds inside.   Starting up plants from seeds is the least expensive method for populating your garden. It’s also a fun longer-term project

October garden fun with the kids

Playing outside in the fall is more than just jumping in a pile of leaves. It’s digging and planting, garden-style! Kids love jumping in the leaves. The crunch and the deep autumn smell coming from a pile of dry leaves is almost irresistible. But leaves aren’t the only draw outside in the fall. Gardening offers

Attract hummingbirds and butterflies into your outdoor rooms

Nothing says Spring here in the eastern part of the US more than blooming flower gardens. The bursting bright colors are a welcome sight after dull winter skies delivered months of gray and white. Imagine sipping tea, in the quiet of the morning, in your colorful garden. Your outdoor room, made of stone and earth

May flowers after showers – brightening up your hardscape

If you live in the northeast US, you may be still waiting for a break in the rain. It’s been a soggy Spring, and your garden patio may not be as filled with beautiful blooms as you’d like. Early plantings may not have happened, as most perennials probably needed to be planted last month. And

Landscaping Ideas: Keeping the Color Alive with Fall Flowers

Most often, when people think of the “garden season” spring-time gets the accolades. These days, more and more gardeners are spending time in the yard well into the fall, and not only to rake leaves. Savvy gardeners know… fall planting isn’t just for bulbs anymore. Besides being able to be outside without fear of heatstroke,

Tips for Easy Sustainable Landscaping

Your yard and garden are your pride and joy, the setting for everything from parties to relaxing days outdoors. You’ve designed your landscape to fit your unique style and color pallet to accent your home and create the outdoor living space you’re proud to share with your friends and neighbors. Anyone who has even a

Party on the Patio: Fall Harvest

There’s nothing like the autumn season. Colors shift from green to a vibrant and warm array of oranges, burgundies, yellows and browns, the air cools off and most of the resident insect population moves on or goes down for their winter’s nap. Along with these changes come culinary delights like pumpkin and spice flavored foods,