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Permeable pavers, No-Mow Yards and More: How to “Eco-Up” your Patio

Your outdoor room deserves a beautiful landscape and hardscape design that provides a lifetime of hours soaking up sun and fresh air. Sustaining your patio as well as the environment makes sense for now and generations to come. EP Henry’s permeable pavers make “eco-design” of your hardscape possible. Eco designs focus on environmental impact. Water

Let the Holiday Season Kick-Off your Composting Efforts

It is upon us – the holiday season with the multitude of events and celebrations, where we gather with friends and family over good food and drink and wind down to the New Year. Whether you put your culinary skills to the test for your party or have it catered, chances are there will be

Tips for an Eco-Friendly Christmas

It is said that it’s the most wonderful time of the year-but, it can also be the most wasteful. Perhaps because it’s the most hectic, we can sometimes choose shortcuts that are not so eco-friendly. While some people are earth-aware and have changed their life styles accordingly, everyone can make a difference with a few

Earth Day and Sustainable Development

The US Paved the Way The history of using paving dates back to ancient times when trade and travel necessitated passable roads free of rocks and trees. As cities expanded and populations grew, paving stones were used to create walkways for pedestrian traffic, and roadways were built to accommodate the increase in horse and carriage

Sustainable Landscaping: Thinking Beyond Your Walkways and Patios

As people continue to realize the benefits of being environmentally friendly, sustainable design is a growing trend. There are many ways for homeowners to help the environment – and their wallets – by investing in sustainable landscaping. Lawns, more than any other landscaping element, take away from a person’s sustainability efforts. While beautiful, they typically

Stormwater Management: 3 Things You Need to Know Now

The unofficial start to winter has begun with snowfalls and freezing temperatures reaching much of the nation. Though it’s not at the top of everyone’s mind, this time of year it’s important to be aware of stormwater management.  Stormwater can not only cause flooding, but it often contains pollutants that end up in local rivers,