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How to clean pollen off patio furniture

Everything may seem clean and clear one day and totally covered in pollen the next. It can be frustrating. This is why many outdoor living experts strongly encourage residents to budget for covers when looking for outdoor furniture. Not only do covers make spring cleaning easier, they also protect furniture from the weather. Wrought iron

Giving Tree – Recycling your Christmas tree

The needles start to pile up. The kids have moved on. The cat has even given up on trying to topple it. Here’s what you can do with that Christmas tree after the new year arrives. Creative advice from experts The National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA) knows a thing or two about the life cycle

All the leaves…

The hues of October are in full burst mode on the eastern seaboard. The blazing oranges and sunny golds can take one’s breath away. Even the crunch under your feet when the leaves come floating down on the cool autumn breeze is a welcome sound of the season. But then it comes time to clean

How Did Your Patio Pavers Weather the Winter?

It’s time to get your patioready for the new season. But wait, before you roll out the rug, take the cushions out of storage, and re-hang the lanterns, a good patio cleaning may be needed as well. Here are some tips to help you set the stage and get ready to enjoy your outdoor living