InsulBlock by EP Henry is the solution for a cost-effective wall system to meet your building envelope code requirements, while maintaining the versatility that cmu construction has to offer. The ingenious offset cross web design of the InsulBlock creates a physical thermal offset on the interior of the cmu which constricts the loss of heat or cooling. Each empty core of the InsulBlock receives an insulating, polystyrene unit during construction, which also doubles as a space for structural reinforcement or a pipe chase.

Colors and Textures

InsulBlock comes in a variety of textures and colors to compliment any project. Significant benefits of designing with cmu are its versatility of colors and textures; other attributes are for its adaptability of design and durability. EP Henry offers four textures including Smooth Face, Rock Face (split), Decro Face (blasted), and Burnished Face (ground). Please contact your sales rep for a complete list of colors offered.