Can I use de-icing salts on my pavers?

While no concrete product is truly de-icing salt proof, EP Henry Pavers – due to their high strength and low absorption rates – are more resistant to de-icing salts than concrete, asphalt and pavers that utilize inferior materials. However, misuse of de-icing products can, over time, lead to damage. EP Henry recommends The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute’s guidelines to limit exposure to de-icing materials:

  • Mix the salt with sand, which is visible and the traction can be felt underfoot
  • Follow the recommended application and don’t overapply the salt
  • Use deicing salt for melting ice, not for snow removal
  • Remove the ice once it’s loose to avoid salt buildup
  • Wash off the pavers in the spring, since the salt can continue to cause degradation even after the ice or snow has melted

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