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Patio fun for fall: fires, caramel apples and more

The crisp fall days are here. Relish the four seasons by getting outside to enjoy that patio. Here are a few fall favorites to get your ideas churning for a dreamy autumn patio day. Cozy blankets       There’s something comforting in being covered up. Keep several wool throw blankets handy out on the patio. Have one

3 hot bourbon recipes to warm your winter

The recent subzero temperatures have kept us all inside. Why not make the best of it? Here are some warm, spiked drinks you may have yet to try. There’s an old tale that a shot of whiskey will warm you up. Indeed, a sip of straight bourbon or whiskey can feel like swallowing embers from

Bonfire leaf-burning things to know

One of the best aromas of the fall season is an outdoor fire. The smell of burning leaves is so distinct and memorable, some people report sensing it in the crisp fall air even when no leaves or fires are burning nearby. As November comes to a close, now is the time for bonfires. Here

Make their night: Host a movie marathon on the patio

You may already have the makings for an amazing movie night right outside your door. Start a tradition of stars under the stars. Outdoor movies have been popular ever since the drive-in days. Drive-ins are hard to find now but almost all major cities host a movie-in-the-park series. A picnic dinner, a blanket and little

From muggy to mugs: warm drinks for fall cocktails on the patio

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” — L.M. Montgomery, in Anne of Green Gables In the Autumn, the sun sets earlier and earlier, giving us the opportunity to stargaze with friends long before bedtime. Serving some traditional fall drinks is a great way to host a happy hour out