Solidia® Pavers

A Better Concrete For a Better Planet

The next big breakthrough in hardscaping is here. Solidia technology produces durable pavers that:

  • Reduce the carbon footprint up to 70%
  • Have vibrant, long lasting color
  • Conserve water
  • Have greater resistance to de-icing salts
  • Are free from efflorescence

A concrete, scientific breakthrough

Scientists have known that curing concrete with CO2 would make a stronger and more stable product, but the technology to do so did not exist. Until now.

Solidia concrete does just that. It reduces the carbon footprint by 70% and produces better, stronger pavers while conserving water by 80%, provides more vibrant colors, has a greater resistance to de-icing salts, and is free from efflorescence.

The Solidia Family of products features ECO Bristol Stone, Trilogy, Berkshire Plank, Forma Stone and 6×9 Brown and Charcoal Bullnose and Borders, amongst others. As we expand our capacities, we’ll be introducing additional Solidia offerings and most of our pavers can be made with Solidia by special order.

“As the trusted leader in concrete, renowned for driving both market and product innovation, EP Henry was our first choice as the global launch partner for Solidia Cement. With their unmatched market knowledge and deep expertise in product and service innovation, they have helped us make a better concrete that is not only good for customers, but for our planet. We are so grateful that EP Henry has helped us make sustainability smart business for cement and concrete.”

Tom Schuler

President and CEO, Solidia Technologies